# mysqldump data only

In some cases you may want to create a database dump only with the data, without including any information about the tables. mysqldump allows you to do that by passing the --no-create-info flag.

# Don't write CREATE TABLE statements
mysqldump --no-create-info my_database > my_backup.sql

In case you are using triggers, the command --skip-triggers should be added as well.

# Skip the triggers
mysqldump --no-create-info --skip-triggers > my_backup.sql

Additionally, if you want to get rid of additional information such as comments, add the --compact flag. If you want to find more about --compact, here we have a full article about it.

mysqldump --no-create-info --skip-triggers --compact > my_backup.sql

In case the option --database is used, you need to add the option --no-create-db to not include the CREATE DATABASE statements in the dump.

# Don't write CREATE DATABASE statements
mysqldump --no-create-info --skip-triggers --compact --no-create-db > my_backup.sql